Match Report

Match Details
Date Event Home Team Result Away Team
Tue 02 Oct 2012 Sheffield Division 1 Barnsley A 4½-3½ Nomads A
Board Details
Board Home Player Result Away Player
1 (w) Andrew Butterworth 0-1 Jonathan Nelson
2 Tony Pogson ½-½ Chris Shephard
3 Martin Sheard ½-½ Andrew Hards
4 Gary Hinchcliffe ½-½ Geoff Frost
5 David Greensmith 1-0 Steve Withington
6 Ken Hunter 0-1 Milan Stefko
7 Neil Todd 1-0 Arjun Babu
8 Richard Hall 1-0 Oliver Phipps

Match Summary

A visit from regular league winners Nomads A is always challenging, but on this occasion their grade profile dropped dramatically after board four, allowing Barnsley to win boards five, seven and eight, counteracting Andy's board one defeat in a tactical Lopez Schliemann defence. With Ken gradually subsiding to fierce tactical pressure on six and two 'goalless draws' on boards three and four, the match hinged on Shephard v Pogson on board two. Chris landed Tony with an isolated pawn and I feared the worst, expecting Chris's famously relentless accuracy to deliver the whole point. Not so, however - Tony countered very well to secure a hard fought draw and the match.