Malta International Open 2011 - Topaz Hotel Bugibba - 20th to 26th November 2011

In November 2011 ChessOrg and Clarence Psaila co-organized a strong chess tournament in Malta for the first time at the Hotel Topaz in Bugibba from the 20th to 26th November 2011.

The tournament had 122 participants including 7 grandmasters and players from 22 nations.

GM Stellan Brynell from Sweden was the first winner with 7½ points closely followed by GM Epishin, GM Burmakin, GM Teske, GM Rausis, IM Lund, GM Heberla, all on 7 points.

45 47

Your clubmates Martin and Gary both scored 50% gaining 4½ points each with 2 wins, 2 losses and 5 draws.

Round 1 both scored quick wins against Maltese opponents.

Round 2 There are 2 ways to lose against IM's, Gary chose the quick painless method blundering a piece early in the game. Martin was slowly ground down over several hours.

Round 3 Martin played a bad opening which he could have lost but won a pawn and managed to draw after exchanging pieces. Gary had a see-saw game ending in perpetual check.

Round 4 Martin won with a kingside attack. Click here for the game.
Gary managed a draw in an Exchange French.

Round 5 Gary had a strong attack which petered out to a draw. Martin drew a slow manoevering game.

Round 6 Martin lost a pawn playing passively which cost him the game. Gary won material with a better game and went on to win.

Round 7 Gary having won a pawn overlooked the loss of a piece and lost. Martin agreed a draw after mass exchanges in an equal position.

Round 8 Martin agreed a draw in a won position. Gary swindled a draw in a rook and pawn ending which could have led to stalemate.

Round 9 Gary agreed a quick draw. Martin broke down white's attack, winning a pawn which he could not hold and agreed a draw.

45 47
45 47

Please click here for more information on this event and details of the 2012 event