The 3rd Barnsley Blitz - Wednesday 11th May 2011 - Birdwell Methodist Church

Following the success of the previous Barnsley Blitz events, Barnsley Chess Club organized
a third Barnsley Blitz event by popular demand.

The event took place on Wednesday 11th May 2011 at Birdwell Methodist Church with the first round starting promptly at 7.30pm.

The format was a eight minute four player team event.
Each team consisting of four players from the same club.
Each team player having 8 minutes to complete their game.

18 teams entered the event, these were split into two groups Gold and Silver with ten teams in the gold group and eight teams in the silver group. Each group played seven rounds. Group positions were decided on board points. Teams received two points for a win and one point for a draw on each board.

45 47

The gold group was a hard fought contest with only one point separating the first three teams. Nomads A finally prevailed gaining their third success in three years - a point ahead of SASCA and Woodseats A. Chesterfield A finished a close fourth.

Gold Group - Team Results
PlaceTeam Points
1Nomads A39
2-3Woodseats A38
5-6Rotherham Juniors25
7Barnsley A24
8Rotherham A23
9Nomads B20
10Nomads C14


The individual gold group winners were Jonathan Arnott of SASCA, Kieron O'Driscoll and Chris Shephard (Both from Nomads A) with 12 points each. They were closely followed by Martin Howard of Chesterfield and John Trafford of Woodseats A on 11 points.

Gold Group - Individual Leaderboard
PlacePlayer Team Points
1-3Jonathan ArnottSASCA12
1-3Kieron O'DriscollNomads A12
1-3Chris ShephardNomads A12
4-5Martin HowardChesterfield A11
4-5John TraffordWoodseats A11
6-10Mohammed AryanPhoenix10
6-10Miles Edwards-WrightSASCA10
6-10Geoff FrostNomads B10
6-10Dave LathamChesterfield10
6-10Alan PottsWoodseats A10

The silver group was won by Barnsley B two points ahead of their nearest rivals Barnby Dun from Doncaster.
Local team Wombwell gained a creditable third place.

46 55

Silver Group - Team Results
PlaceTeam Points
1Barnsley B48
2Barnby Dun46
4Rotherham B25
5Woodseats B20
6-7Barnsley C15
8Hall Cross14


The individual silver group winner was Paul Lee-Kime of Barnsley B with a 100% score of 7/7 wins. He was closely followed by a number of players playing for the top three teams in the silver group on 12,11 and 10 points.

Silver Group - Individual Leaderboard
PlacePlayer Team Points
1Paul Lee-KimeBarnsley B14
2-6Ron AtkinsonWombwell12
2-6Steve BrooksBarnby Dun12
2-6Ken HunterBarnsley B12
2-6Robert MurrayBarnby Dun12
2-6Neil ShawBarnby Dun12
7-8Dave GreensmithBarnsley B11
7-8Richard HallBarnsley B11
9Nick Mahoney Barnby Dun10

The Barnsley Blitz raised £187.50 profit on the night. We will allocate £100 to the Street Pastors and £87.50 to the water bore hole project in Ghana.

We hope to see you again if you attended this years Barnsley Blitz,
if not then why not give this fun event a try next year.