Match Report

Match Details
Date Event Home Team Result Away Team
Fri 9th Oct 2009 Sheffield Division 1 Rotherham Juniors A 3-5 Barnsley A
Board Details
Board Home Player Result Away Player
1 (b) Shaw Peter 1-0 Butterworth Andrew
2 Molofej Denis ½-½ Pogson Tony
3 Whitaker Tom ½-½ Sheard Martin
4 Littlewood Ashley 0-1 Hinchcliffe Gary
5 Coupe Alan ½-½ Farrell Tony
6 Holroyd-Doveton Nathan 0-1 Todd Neil
7 Ward Jonathan ½-½ Shaposhnikov Vlad
8 Coupe David 0-1 Lea-Kime Paul

Match Summary

Previous experiences playing away to Rotherham Juniors on friday nights have not been good. Barnsley are frequently defeated. Last year in this fixture we defaulted two games and fielded a very week team to lose 5½-2½. This match saw no Barnsley boards defaulted but the team lacked three of its better players due to holidays and other commitments.

The key question was what kind of side would Rotherham Juniors have in their first match of the season?

Our opponents were roughly the same strength as in our last away encounter. Regular stalwart Paul Blackman was unavailable due to flu but was replaced by new recruit David Nolofenj. Having both of these players in their line-up Rotherham Juniors would have been stronger. Had the chance come for Barnsley to win against a bogey team?

Two quick Barnsley wins on boards four and six paved the way to victory. Gary on board four won a rook for three pawns in a cross-pin to win his game (see game link below). Neil on board six exposed weaknesses in blacks kingside to gain the point.

Two draws soon followed these wins. Both the players on board two repeated moves in a blocked position. An endgame quickly developed on board three. White hoped he could gain an advantage with the two bishops against bishop and knight. Black defended well and brought about opposite coloured bishops negating whites more active position and the points where split.

Around the time control there were two other decisive results. Board eight saw Paul Lea-Kime convert a material advantage after a pawn fork for Barnsley. Peter Shaw's attack proved stronger than Andy Butterworths counter attack to win the game on top board for Rotherham Juniors.

Barnsley won the match when the remaining two games were agreed drawn in level positions with no winning chances for either player.

Click here for the game Ashley Littlewood - Gary Hinchcliffe.