2009-2010 Fixtures and Match Reports
Barnsley B and Cup Matches

Due to the new venue from week commencing Monday 22nd February 2010
the home night for Barnsley B fixtures is now Wednesdays not Thursdays.

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Fixture Date Event Home Team Score Away Team Report
Mon 21 Sep 2009Sheffield Division 3SASCA B3½-2½Barnsley B Yes
Thu 01 Oct 2009Sheffield Division 3Phoenix C2-4Barnsley B Yes
Thu 08 Oct 2009Sheffield Division 3Barnsley B2½-3½ Ecclesall B Yes
Thu 15 Oct 2009Richardson CupBarnsley II3-3Wombwell Yes
Tue 03 Nov 2009Sheffield Division 3Barnsley B4½-1½Chesterfield BYes
Mon 16 Nov 2009Sheffield Division 3Worksop B3½-2½Barnsley BYes
Fri 04 Dec 2009Sheffield Division 3Rotherham Juniors B2½-3½Barnsley B Yes
Mon 14 Dec 2009Sheffield Division 3Chesterfield B3-3Barnsley B Yes
Thu 14 Jan 2009Sheffield PlateDarnall 1½-4½Barnsley II Yes
Wed 20 Jan 2010Sheffield Division 3Ecclesall B4-2Barnsley B Yes
Thu 11 Feb 2010Sheffield PlateBarnsley II2-4Rotherham Juniors Yes
Wed 24 Feb 2010Sheffield Division 3Barnsley B4½-1½Worksop B Yes
Thu 18 Mar 2010Sheffield Division 3University B2-4Barnsley B Yes
Wed 24 Mar 2010Sheffield Division 3Barnsley B3½-2½Phoenix CYes
Thu 08 Apr 2010Sheffield Division 3Darnall 3½-2½Barnsley B Yes
Wed 14 Apr 2010Sheffield Division 3Barnsley B4-2SASCA B Yes
Wed 21 Apr 2010Sheffield Division 3Barnsley B4½-1½Darnall Yes
Wed 28 Apr 2010Sheffield Division 3Barnsley B1-5University B Yes
Wed 05 May 2010Sheffield Division 3Barnsley B3-3Rotherham Juniors B Yes