2009-2010 Fixtures and Match Reports
Barnsley A and Cup Matches

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Fixture Date Event Home Team Score Away Team Report
Mon 28 Sep 2009Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A4-4University A Yes
Fri 09 Oct 2009Sheffield Division 1Rotherham Juniors A3-5Barnsley A Yes
Mon 12 Oct 2009Richardson CupWorksop6-0Barnsley IDefault
Mon 19 Oct 2009Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A7-1Clay Cross Yes
Tue 27 Oct 2009Sheffield Division 1Clay Cross1-7Barnsley A Yes
Mon 07 Dec 2009Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A4-4Worksop A Yes
Wed 16 Dec 2009Sheffield Division 1Nomads A7-1Barnsley A Yes
Mon 18 Jan 2010Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A3-5Rotherham Juniors A Yes
Mon 25 Jan 2010Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A2½-5½Ecclesall AYes
Mon 15 Feb 2010Sheffield Division 1Chesterfield A5½-2½Barnsley AYes
Wed 03 Mar 2010Sheffield Division 1Ecclesall A3½-4½Barnsley A Yes
Tue 09 Mar 2010Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A4½-3½Nomads B Yes
Tue 23 Mar 2010Sheffield Division 1University A4½-3½Barnsley A Yes
Mon 12 Apr 2010Sheffield Division 1Worksop A4½-3½Barnsley AYes
Mon 19 Apr 2010Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A½-7½Nomads A Yes
Wed 28 Apr 2010Sheffield Division 1Nomads B4-4Barnsley A Yes
Tue 04 May 2010Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A2½-5½Chesterfield AYes