Match Report

Match Details
Date Event Home Team Result Away Team
Wed 8th October 2008 Sheffield Division 1 Worksop A 6-2 Barnsley A
Board Details
Board Home Player Result Away Player
1 (w) Burnett Jim ½-½ Butterworth Andrew
2 Davis Jim 1-0 Pogson Tony
3 Graham Oliver 1-0 Sheard Martin
4 Smith W John 1-0 Hunter Ken
5 Griffiths Phil ½-½ Greensmith David
6 Beckett Phil ½-½ Hall Richard
7 Baxendale Nigel 1-0 Stevens John
8 Fidler Dave ½-½ Lee-Kime Paul

Match Summary

Newly promoted Worksop aided by ex Barnby Dun players Jim Burnett and John Smith secured a 6-2 victory in their opening match of the season. This was achieved mainly by gaining three wins from the top four boards.

On top board White pressed to push home a pawn advantage. Blacks active pieces and two bishops regained the pawn but led to a drawn ending.
Click here for the game Jim Burnett - Andrew Butterworth with notes by Black.

Board two was a complicated messy game. Opposite castling led to both players attacking each others king. Blacks attack proved to be the most sucessful with White finally getting mated.

Black played the opening badly on board three. He lost a pawn for no compensation and obtained a cramped position. White outplayed Black in the middle game with Black wrongly accepting a combination leading to mate or the capture of his queen.

Board four was a Bishop v Knight affair. Earlier in the game it seemed the White Bishop might dominate the Knight. Black put all his pieces on the correct squares preventing this threat and later forced the win of a weak White pawn leading to a won ending.

Black gained a space advantage on board five. Despite having a cramped position White was able to exchange most pieces to prevent Black gaining an advantage. A draw was agreed in a roughly even position.

Neither player on board six wanted to take any risks in a stodgy queen pawn opening. Both players agreed a draw with time trouble looming in an equal position.

A White pin on board seven cost Black the exchange. White then exchanged major pieces before converting his material advantage to win.

Board eight was a typical Sicilian. A draw was agreed shortly after the time control. Neither player could assess the unclear position with chances for both sides.