Match Report

Match Details
Date Event Home Team Result Away Team
Mon 29th October 2008 Sheffield Division 1 Nomads A 4-4 Barnsley A
Board Details
Board Home Player Result Away Player
1 (b) Nelson Jonathan ½-½ Butterworth Andrew
2 O'Driscoll Kieran ½-½ Drabble Andrew
3 Said Mohammad 1-0 Pogson Tony
4 Nomeq Haidar 1-0 Sheard Martin
5 George Andrew ½-½ Hinchcliffe Gary
6 Uche Enyi 0-1 Greensmith David
7 Khakimova Masrura 0-1 Farrell Tony
8 Barwick Ian ½-½ Holdsworth Brian

Match Summary

A strong Barnsley A side obtained a draw against a weakened Nomads A side.
Both teams had chances to win the match.

On top board White was a pawn up in a 5v4 rook and pawn ending. A draw was agreed with both players having little time left on their clocks.

The final position on board two was agreed drawn in an unclear complicated position with equal chances for both sides. Both players had only a few minutes to the time control.

On board three Blacks queenside passed pawn majority proved better than Whites kingside pawn majority in a Bishop ending. White resigned when Blacks pawn could not be stopped.

Black won a pawn out of the opening on board four. Black later thought he won material in a combination where White won a bishop for a pawn with the better position. This allowed him to win the game.

On board five Whites London system secured him a solid equal position which led to a quick draw.

White obtained a dominating position on board six. White later sacrificed material but Black was able to withstand the attack and win.

Black resigned on board seven after White conducted a fierce attack. Tony later admitted it was one of his better games.

On board eight Black was a pawn up in a rook and minor piece ending. A draw was agreed with both players having little time remaining.