Match Report

Match Details
Date Event Home Team Result Away Team
Mon 20th April 2009 Sheffield Division 1 Barnsley A 4-4 Chesterfield A
Board Details
Board Home Player Result Away Player
1 (b) Drabble Andrew 0-1 Latham Dave
2 Butterworth Andrew ½-½ Johnson Michael
3 Pogson Tony 1-0 Housley Steve
4 Sheard Martin ½-½ Mort Andy
5 Hinchcliffe Gary 0-1 Howard Martin
6 Hunter Ken ½-½ Bracey Steve
7 Greensmith David ½-½ Peters George
8 Farrell Tony 1-0 Dunnett Dave

Match Summary

On top board black defended heroically in a difficult position only to succumb.

Board two was agreed a draw. Neither side being able to make any progress in a level position.

Tony withstood whites attack on board three. He then launched a counter attack leaving white in a rook and knight mating net.

Board four was a quick draw. An early queen exchange left white with a minimal edge which he chose not to persue.

On board five black lost on time a piece down in a complicated position.

Board six was agreed drawn in a time scramble. Black stood better and earlier missed a winning pawn fork.

Black pushed for an advantage on board seven. Having better prospects he trapped his rook and gave up the exchange for a pawn. A draw was agreed shortly after.

On board eight white won quickly after setting up an adventageous position.