(3) Farrell,Tony - Clark,Michael [B24]
Sheffield Division 1 Barnsley A v Worksop A, 05.01.2009

Based on notes by Tony Farrell

1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.g3 d6 4.Bg2 Nf6 5.d3 e5 6.Nge2 Be7 7.0-0 0-0 8.Kh1 a6 9.a4 Bg4 10.f3 Bd7 11.f4 Bg4 12.f5 Nd4 13.h3 Bxe2 14.Nxe2 Nh5 15.Kh2 Nxe2 16.Qxe2 Nf6 17.g4 Nd7 18.Be3 Rc8 19.Rg1 Bg5 20.Raf1 Bxe3 21.Qxe3 f6 22.h4 Kh8 23.g5 Rg8 24.Bf3
Unleashing rook on the g-file and eyeing the long a2-g8 diagonal for the bishop.

Paving the way for the bishop to dominate the a2-g8 diagonal.

25.c3 Qd8 26.Bd1
Targeting b3 for the bishop.

Drawing the queen out of its defensive position to deter b3 for the bishop.

27.Rg2 a5 28.Rfg1
Doubling rooks.

28...Rc7 29.Bh5
Deprived of b3 the bishop can still join the party by a different route.

29...Rf8 30.Qe2
Planning to manoevre the queen to the h-file.

30...fxg5 31.hxg5
Opening the h file and keeping blacks knight from f6

Hoping for counterplay.

32.dxc4 Rcc8 33.Qg4 Qd8 34.Bg6!
Sacrificing the bishop to open the h-file for the queen.

Black avoids taking the bishop but all is now lost.

Pinning the pawn.

35...Rg8 36.Bf7
The bishop enters its intended diagonal only for black to resign. 1-0