2008-09 Fixtures and Match Reports
Doncaster League

Many thanks to Neil Shaw Doncaster League Bulletin Secretary for providing these results.
Doncaster Juniors* have withdrawn from the league.

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Fixture Date Event Home Team Score Away Team Report
Tue 28 Oct 2008Doncaster LeagueBarnsley 4½-½ Doncaster Juniors * Yes
Tue 11 Nov 2008Sam Haystead MemorialBarnsley3½-1½Wombwell Yes
Tue 18 Nov 2008Doncaster LeagueLodge4½-½Barnsley Yes
Wed 26 Nov 2008Doncaster LeagueLatvians2-3Barnsley Yes
Mon 01 Dec 2008Doncaster LeagueWombwell4-1Barnsley Yes
Tue 09 Dec 2008Doncaster LeagueDoncaster Juniors *0-0Barnsley No
Wed 17 Dec 2008Doncaster LeagueBentley2½-2½Barnsley Yes
Mon 12 Jan 2009Doncaster LeagueCatholic Club5-0Barnsley Yes
Mon 19 Jan 2008Sam Haystead MemorialCatholic Club3½-1½ Barnsley Yes
Wed 11 Feb 2009Doncaster LeagueBarnby Dun2½-2½Barnsley Yes
Tue 24 Feb 2009Doncaster LeagueBarnsley 2-3Wombwell Yes
Tue 10 Mar 2009Doncaster LeagueBarnsley 0-5Bentley Yes
Tue 17 Mar 2009Doncaster LeagueBarnsley 5-0Barnby Dun Default
Tue 24 Mar 2009Doncaster LeagueBarnsley 3½-1½Lodge Yes
Tue 31 Mar 2009Doncaster LeagueBarnsley 1½-3½Catholic Club Yes
Tue 14 Apr 2009Doncaster LeagueBarnsley 2½-2½Latvians Yes