2008-09 Fixtures and Match Reports
Sheffield League - Barnsley A and Cup Matches

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Fixture Date Event Home Team Score Away Team Report
Wed 08 Oct 2008Sheffield Division 1Worksop A6-2Barnsley A Yes
Mon 13 Oct 2008Richardson CupBarnsley 1½-4½Wombwell Yes
Mon 20 Oct 2008Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A7-1Ecclesall A Yes
Wed 29 Oct 2008Sheffield Division 1Nomads A4-4Barnsley A Yes
Mon 03 Nov 2008Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A5-3Phoenix A Yes
Mon 17 Nov 2008Sheffield Division 1Woodseats A5-3Barnsley A Yes
Fri 05 Dec 2008Sheffield Division 1Rotherham Juniors A5½-2½Barnsley A Yes
Mon 05 Jan 2009Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A6-2Worksop A Yes
Mon 26 Jan 2009Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A4-4Nomads A Yes
Mon 16 Feb 2009Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A2-6Woodseats A Yes
Mon 02 Mar 2009Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A2½-5½Rotherham Juniors A Yes
Mon 09 Mar 2009Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A4-4University A Yes
Mon 30 Mar 2009Sheffield Division 1Chesterfield A4-4Barnsley A Yes
Thu 09 Apr 2009Sheffield Division 1Phoenix A3½-4½Barnsley A Yes
Thu 16 Apr 2009Sheffield Division 1University A5-3Barnsley A Yes
Mon 20 Apr 2009Sheffield Division 1Barnsley A4-4Chesterfield A Yes
Wed 29 Apr 2009Sheffield Division 1Ecclesall A4-4Barnsley A Yes